Areas of Practice

Property Insurance Litigation

There are various circumstances in which an insurance company will stall, underpay or  deny a policyholder’s claim, even when that claim is reasonable and legitimate. While seeking legal counsel should not be the first course of action in the event of damage to your property, property insurance litigation is an avenue for the policyholder to ensure that they are receiving a fair settlement to their claim.

Claim Types

The Bush Law Group is equipped to help its clients resolve claim issues in the following areas of insurance:

  • Residential Property Insurance
  • Commercial Property Insurance
  • Restaurant Insurance
  • Hotel Damage Insurance
  • Condominium Property Insurance

Understanding Bad Faith Claims

When dealing with property insurance claims, the term ‘bad faith’ encompasses any of the following:

  • Unreasonable interpretation of the language used in the policy
  • Failure to properly investigate a claim
  • Underpayment or delay in payment of a claim
  • Unreasonable denial of a claim

Claims that are stalled, ignored, or denied have often fallen victim to insurance companies’ attempts at cutting costs and increasing revenue. These attempts can cross over into the area of ‘bad faith practices’ when restrictive claims processing procedures prohibit insurance adjusters from adequately investigating the claim, or when adjusters do not have the time or authority needed to process the claim.

Additional Areas of Practice

In addition to property insurance litigation and bad faith claims handling, The Bush Law Group also practices in the following areas:

  • Personal Injury
  • Wills and Trusts
  • Contracts

If you wish to seek counsel in any of these areas, please contact us to schedule your consultation.