Steven M. Bush, Attorney at Law

Attorney Steven Bush has always had a leaning toward entrepreneurship and has always been in business for himself. However, it was while working as a Certified Indoor Environmentalist in New Orleans during the Hurricane Katrina Recovery Effort that he became aware of the tactics used by the insurance companies to avoid paying policyholders what they were due. During this time, he also became aware of how little policyholders knew about their rights under the terms of the insurance policy. This experience prompted Steven to seek out a career path that would eventually allow him to defend policyholders against this abusive behavior. In the early 2000’s he obtained his license as a Public Insurance Adjuster in the State of Florida. While working with both homeowners and business owners, Attorney Bush gained experience handling losses of every size and type - including commercial, residential, first-, and third-party disputes.

After years of defending policyholders as a public adjuster, Steven sought out a law degree at Florida Coastal School of Law in Jacksonville. Upon his graduation and acceptance into the Florida and D.C. bars, Steven assembled a team of attorneys - each with a distinctive set of strengths and experience - to create the Bush Law Group. A highly collaborative firm focused on the area of property insurance litigation, the Bush Law Group is dedicated to defending the policyholder and ensuring that they are treated fairly by their insurer.

Attorney Bush’s background has also allowed insight into the mistreatment of contractors and public adjusters by similar law firms. As such, he has taken a vow to treat contractors and public adjusters fairly; maintaining open, honest communication with all referrals. He believes that this is not only in keeping with the collaborative nature of the firm, but that it also helps to keep the best interest of the policyholder at the forefront of the practice.